Being Mom

A Mother's Day Tribute

Being Mom is making sure every last inch of young, bare skin is covered in sunscreen. Being Mom is coming home with a sunburn because we forgot ourselves.

Being Mom is throwing ourselves into the next, ultimate birthday party. Being Mom is just being glad it’s over for another year.

Being Mom is finding depths of patience we didn’t know existed within us. Being Mom is lashing out with impatience no matter how hard we try not to.

Being Mom is reaching deep down for that reserve of energy to get us through one more bedtime. Being Mom is surrendering to exhaustion because we just can’t one more minute.

Being Mom is becoming a new identity in the world. Being Mom is losing who we used to be.

Being Mom is carrying the infinite weight of worry, from the first cradling of our newborn, until forever. Being Mom is hiding this worry with false confidence.

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Being Mom is becoming part of the world of moms, surrounded by community. Being Mom is feeling completely alone when we can’t sleep, surrounded by darkness and snoring.

Being Mom is daydreaming about a break from it all. Being Mom is missing our kids when we actually get that break.

Being Mom is holding all the feelings for all the small (and big) people. Being Mom is sobbing quietly from the weight of our own feelings that have no one else holding them.

Being Mom is teaching our kids to eat “healthy,” even if it means constant complaints. Being Mom is hiding in the garage with chips, chocolate, and ice cream in the middle of the day.

Being Mom is yelling. A lot. Being Mom is feeling guilty about yelling. A lot.

Being Mom is having it all. Being Mom is not wanting it all anymore.

Being Mom is melting with the first “Mamas” from our babies. Being Mom is feeling the aggravation creep higher with every “Mommy!!” demand.

Being Mom is remembering all the things for all the people all the time. Being Mom is leaving our keys in the door and our wallet at the store.

Being Mom is counting the minutes until bedtime of an agonizingly long day. Being Mom is feeling the passage of time speed up every first day of school.

Being Mom is feeling suffocated by all the demands on every part of us. Being Mom is wanting to be there for everyone and everything.

Being Mom is excitement at every new milestone. Being Mom is wanting them to never grow up. 

Being Mom is knowing what's best for our kids. Being Mom is being wrong about what we thought was best for our kids.

Being Mom is wanting a break from all the little hands touching us all the time. Being Mom is kissing chubby, squishy toddler cheeks as much as possible before they won't let us.

Being Mom is having control. Being Mom is learning to release control.

Being Mom is Being All. All of who we are, our bodies, our energy, and our hearts, for the All of them, our babies for always.


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