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My Expertise in death and dying, grief and loss

I have found that many parents feel unprepared when death comes up for their children, and are searching for guidance on how to do this part of parenting the best way possible. I find myself now in a unique position to give to others what now feels like second nature to me, after more than a decade of inspiring work with seriously ill children and their families.

In my professional journey, I have discovered a calling for working closely with death and dying. Most people say they would find this depressing, but I find it profound. In my years working with seriously ill children and their families, I have developed a different relationship with death that has changed my life.

My first job after my training was as a psychologist on a pediatric palliative care team at a large, urban children's hospital. I worked for four years to develop this new service into an integrated part of the hospital, and learned more about being a psychologist, mother, and human being than any other experience had taught me. Over four years, I met hundreds of families and sat next to them during their most profound times, through joy and miracles, devastation and loss, while every moment gave my own life more meaning.

Life next led me to a new city and a new job, which added even more depth and meaning to my experiences working with children with medical illness and their families. I became director of a program for children and teenagers who couldn't go to school because of medical reasons. We were their school -- at a children's hospital -- so they could be like other kids, but with medical support. This close-knit community of children and staff meant a very unique experience with death as I realized the repercussions of a single death on a community of students, families, and caregivers. These experiences taught me more about resilience and the complexity of grief than any book or journal article ever could.

I am very passionate about the importance of making meaning of death to live a more meaningful life, and I'm here for you.


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