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Maybe you are anticipating a death (of a person or a pet) and you're not sure when or how to bring it up with your kids. Maybe someone died recently and you have questions about how to process this with your child, or about what to expect from their grief. Maybe you wonder how to best be a parent while you do your own grieving.

These questions don't usually warrant going through the lengthy, red-tape process of setting up a therapy session. You don't need to deal with insurance companies and a long list of therapists that may not even have this expertise. Consulting about death and the grief process is usually not a reason to spend tons of time and money on a professional -- but it's an area that would be so nice to have professional guidance. This is where I come in!

Contact me (click button below) and let me know in a few sentences the basics of your situation, and I will respond to schedule a time for talking either by FaceTime or Skype.

This is NOT therapy, nor a substitution for therapy. I will not be diagnosing or treating. I am not your doctor, and you are not my patient. I will be sharing my expertise with you about something I know more about from years of education and experience, but it will be more like talking to a knowledgeable friend. If I think you would benefit from seeing a therapist, I will let you know!


example Questions

Death and Dying

How do I explain to my young child that someone she loves is going to die?

Should I take my kids to visit our loved one in hospice?

How do I talk to my child about their pet dying?


My child has been through a loss; how do I know if he is grieving and what can I do to help?

I have kids of all different ages. What should I expect for how they might show their grief?

Is my child’s grief okay, or do we need to give her more support? How do we find more support?


what people are saying...

"Emily is not afraid of the hard conversations. She respects the emotional intelligence of children while allowing for the unique experience of each child and family. Emily listens with an open heart and the foundation of experience as a palliative care psychologist."

- Helene M., MSW


"Dr. Edlynn has extensive professional experience with helping children and families cope during the most difficult of circumstances.  She takes a compassionate, common-sense approach that incorporates the needs of children and adults alike.  She understands the real-life difficulties that families face when supporting their children through the death of a loved one."

- Katie Ingman, PhD


“It is no surprise that Emily is well-informed in issues related to death and dying given her expertise in palliative care. However, she is able to share and communicate her knowledge with an amazing warmth, compassion, and openness. Her skills and demeanor are truly a gift when trying to grapple with a topic most of us would prefer to avoid.” 

- Jill Z.


“Emily’s depth of experience both professionally and as a parent gives her guidance tremendous weight.  Plus, Emily has the unique ability to really be present and hear you.  She is the first person I think of when looking for parenting insights and support.”

-Danielle W.

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