Who Am I To Tell You What To Do?

I'm not here to tell you what to do -- and that's the point! Sometimes all of us parents need to hear that we are actually doing okay, that our mistakes are normal, and that our children will be fine. I have often heard from my friends, "YOU are a child psychologist telling me that, so now I feel better." And of course I struggle with the same self-doubt and insecurity as all parents.

I have been both child psychologist and Mom for the past eight years, and I have personally and professionally experienced the challenges our information age presents to parenting with confidence. Although it seems like greater access to information would ease the stress of parenting, the opposite is true.

This website offers a parenting "partner" rather than a parenting "expert." I write about the research behind the most basic, yet mystifying, parenting topics in the early years, and I blog about the day-to-day experience of blending instinct with science in this wide, weird world of parenting.

Parenting is an art form. But most of us feel like stick figures are the extent of our talent. If we can hold each other up as we sift through the information overload to find our own personal path, we will all find our own inner artists.

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"You can make yourself miserable and possibly borderline insane if you attempt to parent according to what “research” says. "
"With knowledge comes responsibility. And guilt. As two trained and experienced child psychologists, my husband and I sometimes have the added meta-awareness that what we are doing is wrong."