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The strongest and most confident of us will be humbled by the major stress points of parenting, from breastfeeding, to the precious and precarious sleep, daycare decisions, homework, cell phones, and to how to manage our own stress in the craziness of it all. Sometimes all of us parents need to hear that we are actually doing okay, that our mistakes are normal, and that our children will really be fine.

Professionally, I bring unique expertise in the difficult parenting milestone of helping our children navigate death and grief (see Consultation Services and The Dr. Is In). Despite what I bring professionally to motherhood, I still struggle with the same self-doubt and insecurity as most parents (see my True Mom Confessions). I am here to add an honest voice of support, based on what we know both from science and from instinct (that's where The Art & Science Of part comes in).

I have been both child psychologist and Mom for the past nine years, and I have personally and professionally experienced the challenges our information age presents to parenting with confidence. Although it seems like greater access to information would ease the stress of parenting, the opposite is true.

This website offers a parenting "partner" rather than a parenting "expert." I write about the research behind the most basic, yet mystifying, parenting topics, and I blog about the day-to-day experience of blending instinct with science in this wide, weird world of parenting. And when you need me, I'm here to talk

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"Let's dig into the reality of parenting ... and remind each other that we are all doing okay by our children because we are doing our best. Not only does science say so, but if we pay attention to the art of motherhood, our instincts tell us so too."

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What happens when dealing with death, that one parenting issue we haven’t fully prepared for takes us by surprise?



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